The “Blood of Eden” is the first installment of an epic saga. Following “Blood of Eden”, is “Blood of Adam”, “Blood of Eve”, “Blood of the Serpent”, three tales that takes the audience further into the rabbit hole, following Devlin as his path takes unexpected twists and turns. The “Blood” series will reach the world through multiple mediums of entertainment. The first will be through the literary world.

I AM Publishing will be releasing in stores the first novel installment “Blood of Eden” in June 2011. Now available for Pre-Order at Barnes & Noble, BordersAmazon and Target . Get a sneak peek at the novel by clicking on preview.

Blood of Eden (2011)

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Blood of Eden

Audio Book

Blood of Adam (2013)

Blood of Eve (2015)

Blood of the Serpent (2017)

I AM Interactive is currently in development of the video game with an expected release date of 2012.  This 3rd person game will personally take you on a journey that will question everything you believe in as you race against time to save the world from the Devil’s clutches.

Blood of Eden Video Game (2012)
Blood of Eden Video Game

I AM Entertainment is currently “In talks” with the development of the Broadway Musical, “Blood of Eden”.

Blood of Eden Tarot